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Enval Ltd

Unit 118 Alconbury Weald,, Huntingdon, PE28 4WX,


Enval is committed to tackling the increasing problems presented by materials that are currently unrecyclable or unrecycled with the aim of diverting them from landfill or incineration. One of Enval’s main areas of expertise is the recycling of laminated packaging waste. Enval’s technology extracts commercially usable aluminium, oil and gas from laminated packaging waste, such as drink cartons (e.g. Tetra Pak), food and drink pouches, and toothpaste tubes, allowing the waste to be completely recycled in an economically viable way. Enval is currently showcasing its process to potential customers, using their own waste to demonstrate its commercial viability, using the commercial scale plant facility located at Enval’s engineering site at Alconbury, UK. The tests that have been carried out so far have shown that the process can be used in many different recycling applications, using different kinds of plastic/aluminium laminates.

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