£1.13m Recycling Incentive Scheme Rolled Out In Ealing

01-04-14(2)picToday (1 April) Ealing Council became the largest borough in London to implement Greenredeem’s resident rewards scheme for recycling, offering Ealing’s 130,000 households the opportunity to earn points for recycling and other everyday green actions.

The Greenredeem programme is being introduced into Ealing following a Whitehall backed grant of £1.13m from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and is designed to support the council’s efforts to boost recycling rates across the borough.

From today, households across Ealing will be able to earn on average £70 in valuable rewards each year. As well as redeeming points for personal discounts and offers at more than 100 local and national retail outlets, including the likes of Marks & Spencer, Cineworld and Red Letter Days, residents will be able to donate their points to local community projects.

Rob Crumbie, Greenredeem – “In other parts of the UK, Greenredeem’s reward schemes have already increased recycling rates by three times the national average”

In total ten Ealing projects are seeking support through the Greenredeem scheme at launch. Through the course of the year donated points from Ealing residents will be amalgamated and converted into cash grants for these projects.

Commenting on the initiative at the roll out event at Pitzhanger Manor, Council Leader Julian Bell said: “Ealing Council is committed to cutting waste and supporting green action in the borough. We believe that incentive based schemes are a vital way to reward those households that support our community efforts. Through Greenredeem’s Resident Rewards scheme we want to create a cycle of positive green action and community good.”

Local Ealing businesses already signed-up to the scheme include Toni & Guy, Harris and Hoole, Tranquility, London Bike Hub and Gurnell and Northolt Leisure Centres. Commenting on the economic benefits of the scheme Julian Bell added: “It’s win-win for local businesses getting involved, not only are they boosting their green credentials, but as Ealing’s 130,000 households start to redeem their points businesses will see a boost in custom too.”

Rob Crumbie at Greenredeem commented on the Ealing launch: “We’re delighted Ealing Council is taking such positive steps to encourage green action. In other parts of the UK, Greenredeem’s reward schemes have already increased recycling rates by three times the national average, improving the local environment, helping local businesses and saving local councils money through reduced landfill taxes, which can then be reinvested in the local community.”

To learn more about Greenredeem’s “Resident Rewards” schemes visit www.greenredeem.co.uk

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