2015 Packaging Obligation Met, EA Data Confirms

PRN-dataData released by the Envrionment Agency (EA) yesterday (31 March) shows that the annual obligation for packaging waste recycled in 2015 has been met.

Confirming Q4 data released in February, figures show that in total 6,952,186 tonnes of packaging was recycled against a target of 6,922,808 tonnes.

3,667,388 tonnes of paper were recorded against an obligation of 2,519,525 tonnes, 893,042 tonnes of plastics were recorded against a 850,923 tonne obligation and glass remelt and aggregate material combined revealed 1,576,812 tonnes were recycled against a 1,493,392 tonne obligation.

Figures for Q4 2015 revealed plastics saw a significant increase in performance compared to the three previous quarters of last year following price fluctuations. Paper also saw a strong Q4 with a total of 1,142,330 PRNs/PERNs issued.

Steel saw a stronger performance than Q3, but the first two quarters were largely responsible for the end of year position. Total PRNs/PERNs issued in Q4 were 110,059.

Aluminium saw a strong performance in both Q3 (19,221) and Q4 (28,361), and wood continued its good performance (105,445).

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