650 Costa Stores Join In Mass Litter-Pick

Costa-Litter-PickMore than 650 Costa stores join in mass litter-pick as business signs environmental charitys Litter Prevention Commitment.

On Sunday, September 13, staff from 654 Costa stores across the country will be doing their very own Big Tidy Ups.

In total, more than 1,900 baristas have volunteered to get out and about and do their bit to clean up their area.

Costa is the first coffee shop brand to sign Keep Britain Tidy’s Litter Prevention Commitment and the charity is hoping that others will follow its example.

Allison Ogden-Newton, Keep Britain Tidy – “This is a fantastic way for Costa to show that it is committed to helping in the battle against litter in this country”

Keep Britain Tidy’s Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton: “This is a fantastic way for Costa to show that it is committed to helping in the battle against litter in this country.

“To have so many stores taking part on one day is testament to this commitment and a great example of a business that is taking the issue of litter – which blights our streets, parks and beaches seriously.”

Costa is the latest business to sign the Commitment and joins McDonald’s, Wrigley, Waitrose, Coca Cola Enterprises and KFC.

As part of its support for Keep Britain Tidy, Costa will also be sponsoring the charity’s Big Tidy Up campaign for the next 12 months.

The Big Tidy Up is England’s biggest-ever litter pick and an ongoing campaign that supports individuals, schools and communities who want to take action to clean up their bit of the world.

Groups can register their events, order materials and share their successes with others through the website, as well as getting information on health and safety and publicising their activity.

Ms Ogden-Newton added: “No one organisation can solve the problem of littering in this country on their own. It is only by communities, businesses and charities working together that we can change the littering behaviour of the minority that costs us the best part of £1billion a year to clean up.

“Costa’s sponsorship of The Big Tidy Up will allow us to continue supporting those people who don’t just want to live in a clean and tidy place but who want to do something to make that a reality, for them and for everyone else.”’

Kerry Parkin, Costa Head of Communications and CSR said: “We’re pleased to support The Big Tidy Up and are proud of the support that our 654 store teams have shown in taking part in their local events this Sunday. We look forward to the 12 months ahead as we continue to support Keep Britain Tidy in their ongoing activity.”


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