69.2% Of EU Plastics Waste Avoided Landfill In 2014

EU-plastic-recyclingRecently published data from PlasticsEurope and the European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery (EPRO) has revealed that 69.2% of plastics waste collected within the EU were either recycled or sent for energy recovery in 2014.

Of the 69.2%, 29.7% of these plastics were recycled, while 39.5% were sent for recovery.

Despite the rise in the amount of plastics waste recycled or recovered, of the 25.8m tonnes of total post-consumer plastics waste, 8m tonnes was still sent to landfill.

The highest plastics recycling rate was achieved in Norway, which reached 40%. The lowest was achieved by Malta, with approximately 14%.

Rates topping 30% were achieved in Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Estonia.

The UK recycled 29% of its waste plastic.

Countries with a landfill ban on plastic waste received higher rates of recycling.

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