Accidents Down Eight Percent & Recycling Stable, Says Shanks

21-06-13-shanks-reportIn its corporate sustainability report for 2013, released yesterday, Shanks announced an 8% percent reduction in reportable workplace accidents over the year, while keeping its recycling and recovery rate stable at 78%.

The company also reported that it had diverted the equivalent of 1.21m tonnes of carbon through its recycling and recovery activities and that it was on track to achieve its 2015 target of 1.3m tonnes.

Shanks also reported good profit performance in its Organics and UK Municipal business sectors – up 7% and 80% respectively – while its solid waste sector was down 50%, “affected by impact of recessionary markets and record construction lows” according to the CSR.

Peter Dilnot, Shanks group chief executive, stated in the report: “Given the ongoing macro-economic downturn, this year has been a challenging one for Shanks – yet it has also been a transformational one. We have repositioned the Group for growth through a major reorganisation that focuses more on our customers. We have also continued to make strides with our corporate responsibility goals.
This includes investments in further recycling and green energy capabilities, meeting our annual safety targets, developing our team and building better relationships with local communities.”

Download the full Shanks Group Corporate Sustainability Report 2013 here


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