Agencies Developing Edoc For Hazardous Waste

barsThe UK environment agencies are working together to develop an electronic hazardous waste tracking system to replace the current paper-based consignment note system.

There are around 1.9m movements of hazardous waste per annum in the UK. These movements generate around 6m pieces of paper, with each of the four UK environment agencies maintaining different systems and databases.

A Hazdoc website has been developed but the service will not be operational until 2019-20.

HazDoc is being developed with the following objectives:

  • tracks hazardous waste from ‘cradle to grave’ in real time
  • deliver a large improvement in the quality and availability of hazardous waste data
  • complies with relevant hazardous waste legislation
  • provides reporting functionality to support business needs and the regulation of hazardous waste
  • complements eDoc, the electronic system for non-hazardous waste transfers, providing the future capability to track all wastes in one system

The data captured by the system will be used to:

  • support the effective regulation of hazardous waste
  • reduce the regulatory burden on businesses and provide a level playing field across the UK
  • allow waste producers easy access to information on the location/destination of their waste
  • provide information to determine infrastructure needs and inform policy decisions
  • map waste and resource flows
  • identify illegal activities

The Agencies now want to engage with a wide range of stakeholders throughout the development phase and beyond to ensure it delivers a system that is fit for purpose and easy to use.

The first stage of this engagement was a series of stakeholder events that took place across the UK in June and July 2016.

Supported by the CIWM, the events were aimed at businesses that have an involvement with hazardous waste including producers, carriers, brokers, waste management sites, local authorities and trade bodies.

CIWM’s technical manager, Tina Benfield, said: “Hazdoc will integrate the requirements for hazardous waste transfers into an electronic system. CIWM was involved in a series of workshops which were held during the summer of 2016 to gauge the legal and practical requirements of the system from those working in the hazardous waste industry.”

CIWM will be hosting three hazardous waste training courses in December that cover Hazardous Waste Regulations, Hazardous Waste Classification and Coding and Management of Hazardous Waste. CLICK for more information.

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