Allison Answers Romaquip’s Call For 160 New DAF Trucks



Irish kerbside collection company, Romaquip, has ordered 160 new DAF LF180 trucks, specifying that that Allison 2500 fully automatic transmission be made available with the 4-cylinder PACCAR PX-5 engine in the new 12-tonne vehicles.

“The preferred transmission for the refuse and municipal sector is an Allison, due to its quality, reliability and ability to protect the driveline,” said John McKeown, technical director at Romaquip. “Along with Allison’s UK team, we were able to work with the DAF engineering team based in Leyland to secure the release of the ideal specification for our application.”

According to McKeown, an automated manual transmission (AMT) was not suitable for the creeping speeds and multiple stop-start conditions customer vehicles face, but there was no Allison option available with a 4-cylinder Euro 6 engine.“We also considered the 6-cylinder DAF LF220 with an Allison 3000 Series™ transmission, but that configuration would have added half a tonne, putting too much additional weight on the front axle,” said McKeown. “The Allison 2500 model solution is a godsend for our sector.”

Since the vehicle can compact up to four tonnes of payload into a 35-metre-cubed collection space, McKeown said vehicle weight was also critical in the specification process. The first 40 trucks are now in operation for local authority fleets in Wrexham, the Lake District, Devon and Flintshire.


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