Alupro Seeks Local Authorities For Caps & Closures Campaign

10-09-13(1)picThe Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) is looking for a number of new local authorities to partner with and take advantage of its package of free support to educate households and promote the importance of recycling aluminium caps and closures. 

The “Leave Your Cap On” communications campaign was launched by Alupro in July 2013 and forms an important part of the work Alupro does to promote the recycling of all aluminium packaging. In particular, Alupro is looking for one or more local authority that may wish to develop the campaign as part of its kerbside recycling scheme.

The campaign has been developed by Alupro in partnership with British Glass in order to highlight the importance of recycling aluminium closures such as those used on wine and sprit bottles. To keep the material in the recycling system the most effective way of collecting and separating it for reprocessing is via the glass recycling system.

Alupro has developed a range of free communications materials including artwork templates for recycling containers, web banners and PR materials. In addition help is available to launch and promote the campaign to residents.

Rick Hindley, executive director, Alupro said: “This is an exciting opportunity for local authorities to engage with its residents to help them recycle more at home and to highlight the value and importance aluminium screw tops and collars have as a recycled material. In addition to supporting them through any bring bank schemes, we would particularly like to partner with a local authority in a kerbside scheme and elicit a behavioural change that simply screwing the top back on the bottle before recycling is the simplest and easiest way to do their bit in recovering this valuable, sustainable and recyclable material.”

The campaign, via a “Full Monty”- style “You Can Leave Your Cap On” slogan, has already been successfully launched by a number of local authorities including Sevenoaks District Council and Bedford Borough Council, which is using the materials as part of its current MetalMatters campaign to residents.


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