Amber Rudd Replaces Ed Davey As Energy Secretary

Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for energy and climate change
Amber Rudd, Energy and Climate Change Secretary

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has set about forming the first all-Conservative cabinet in 18 years, announcing Amber Rudd MP as the new Energy and Climate Change Secretary. 

Replacing Ed Davey in the Department for Energy and Climate Change role, Amber Rudd, MP for Hastings & Rye, has a background in business and finance and also sat as a Conservative member on the Defra Select Committee.

In December 2014, Rudd was apparently barred by former chief whip Michael Gove (today announced as Justice Secretary) from attending flagship UN talks on the issue in Lima so she could take part in a Commons vote on counter-terrorism measures, the Guardian reported.

Some suggested the move showed a lack of commitment on the topic by the Tories, but Rudd said in a statement: “This Government is committed to working towards reaching a global deal on tackling serious climate change.”

“In September, along with the Prime Minister, I personally attended the UN Climate Summit in New York and regularly engage with NGOs, businesses and my ministerial counterparts to discuss this important issue.

“The UK secretary of state for energy and climate change, Ed Davey, will represent the British Government at the Lima climate change conference.”

The Lib Dem cull has also seen the former Resources Minister, Dan Rogerson, ousted from the post. Who will fill this role is yet to be announced.

Other appointments affecting the waste and resources sector include Sajid Javid MP, who replaces Vince Cable as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

According to reports by the Telegraph, Liz Truss, the current Environment Secretary, is widely expected to be given a “more high-profile role”.

Commenting on the reshuffle, Friends of the Earth Senior Climate Change Campaigner, Simon Bullock said: “Ahead of crucial climate talks in Paris, the UK Government must listen to the majority of Conservative voters, along with the rest of the society, who want their Government to take action on climate change.

“Amber Rudd has already acknowledged the need to boost renewables and increase investment in energy efficiency – and importantly she recognises the devastating impact that climate change will have without action.

“Her department now needs to make urgent decisions to get the UK off fossil fuels, not least by phasing out dirty coal, and reducing our energy demand and carbon emissions through major investment in energy efficiency and clean renewable power.”

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