ASDA’s “Wonky Veg” Boxes Divert 160 Tonnes Of Misshapen Food

wonky-veg-box-asda160 tonnes of “misshapen food” have been diverted from landfill or being used as animal feed, following from ASDA’s trial of its “wonky veg” boxes.

Since launching the product in February, the supermarket chain has seen a “unprecedented” response to its product, selling more than 160 tonnes of misshapen fruit and vegetables, according to the Huffington Post.

Sales for the £3.50 boxes have quadrupled since launching the scheme, which sells produce that had been considered too “ugly” to put in shops.

The fruit and veg would likely have gone to into landfill or become animal feed. So far 32,500 Wonky Veg boxes have been sold at selected stores across the UK.

The boxes are part of ASDA’s mission to cut food waste and contain 5kg of fresh produce – carrots, potatoes, peppers, cucumber, cabbage, leeks, parsnips and onions – and are 30% cheaper than standard lines. The exact contents will depend on the season.

Asda started in February by releasing 2,500 of the boxes, which sold out within 36 hours. For the next month the supermarket doubled that to 5,000 boxes, and those sold out in 48 hours.

From April, it is now committed to offering 10,000 boxes a month, meaning it should sell at least 500 tonnes of wonky varieties this year.

The trend of selling wonky veg has extended to Tesco, which recently announced it would be extending its “perfectly imperfect” range of fruit and veg.

Customers of the wonky veg boxes have been raving about them on social media, too.

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