Aylesbury Vale Has £12.9m Fund For Fleet & New Waste Facility

Image courtesy of aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk

A report produced for Aylesbury Vale District Council has recommended that the Council “permit additional new borrowing, up to a maximum of £12,860,000” to fund the procurement and purchase of a new waste collection fleet and to develop a waste and recycling depot.

Te reasons given for approving the investment include that the “full depot and waste transfer infrastructure will give the Council certainty regarding health and safety and environmental compliance in the mid term”, while it also acknowledges that growth in the population in the area will mean more waste generated, and the development would allow it to accommodate.

The report added: “The enhanced waste workshop [to be part of the new facility] will give the Council flexibility in managing its own fleet and improve operations by reducing vehicle down time. In addition, the workshop allows for income generation from HGV testing and expansion for taxi and privately owned vehicle MOTs.

It also sets out an intention to change its procurement approach for its waste collection fleet from leasing to procurement, for which which it has set aside £3.6m of the £12.86m total (leaving circa £9.2m for the facility development), and it and it says will “save the Council around £300,000 per annum from reduced borrowing costs and will contribute to paying off the capital loan for the depot infrastructure”.

It was reported in the local press that, based on previous projections and population growth, “If it is assumed that… growth will be around 1,500 new homes per year… [this] development will provide a mid-term option to accomodate about 10 years of population growth.


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