BA Using 100% Recycled Bags To Help Boost On-Board Waste Reduction

29-08-13(1)picBritish Airways (BA) has taken further steps to increase its environmental credentials by introducing a 100 percent recycled polythene bag to assist in its on-board recycling scheme.

BA’s One Destination corporate responsibility programme has a set of targets to help the airline reduce its environmental impact.

One of BA’s key aims is to reduce the amount of on-board waste and increase the material that can be sent off to be recycled.

The bags, produced by BPI Polythene, were initially trialled on short haul routes last year and subsequently introduced to long haul flights during the first half of 2013.

The bags are designed to ensure that all alcohol and soft drink cans will be collected, and have been specially adapted to fit within the confines of an aeroplane cabin and minimise the level of obstruction to staff and passengers.

Environmental manager at BA, Gary Meades, said: “At British Airways we have a target to reduce the amount of waste to landfill by recycling as much waste as we possibly can.

“Working with our catering partners we continually strive to reduce the amount of catering waste produced from flights and initiatives like onboard can recycling make a significant contribution to this effort.”


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