“Bin it for Good” Sees Litter Decrease On Birmingham Streets

litter-birminghamA project designed to keep Birmingham’s streets clean by rewarding a local charity for any increase in litter collected from bins in the city centre has seen a drop in the amount of litter being dropped on the street. 

Birmingham City council joined forces with Keep Britain Tidy, The Wrigley Company and the Retail Birmingham Business Improvement District in a bid to keep the city centre as clean as possible through the “Bin it for Good” project.

Seven areas across England including Birmingham are taking part in the three-month project, where litter bins will be transformed into charity collection pots, with Retail Birmingham’s partner charity LoveBrum set to benefit from the scheme.

Cllr Lisa Trickett, Birmingham City Council – “The early results are extremely encouraging and would appear to show that this scheme is making a positive contribution towards our aim of achieving cleaner streets in the city centre”

A three-month pilot took place last year in Rayleigh, Essex, which saw a reduction in litter of over 42%.

The 48 bins covered by the “Bin it for Good” initiative had 2.03 tonnes of rubbish deposited in them during September 17-23, representing an increase of 8.9% on the period August 18-24.

Meanwhile, litter picked up from the streets where the bins are located during the same timescales saw a 30% decrease (down to 145.66 kg).

Litter In Birmingham

The way in which the project works is simple – the more litter that goes into 48 bins across the city centre and the less on the ground, the more money the charity will receive.

Money from the Bin it for Good scheme, up to £1,300 across September, October and November, will go to local organisation LoveBrum, with the final payout set to be calculated on a sliding scale based on tonnages collected in the designated bins, all of which have stickers denoting their involvement in the scheme.

Cllr Lisa Trickett, Cabinet Member for Sustainability at Birmingham City Council, said: “The early results are extremely encouraging and would appear to show that this scheme is making a positive contribution towards our aim of achieving cleaner streets in the city centre.

“The great thing about Bin it for Good is that the scheme has social and economic benefits too – local charities get extra funding and a cleaner city centre will make Birmingham more attractive to visitors and citizens, helping local businesses in the process.

“This sort of project has been proven to be a success in other parts of the country, so we will continue to closely monitor what happens here. If the good results continue it is definitely something we will consider on a wider basis in future.”

At the launch of the scheme in Birmingham, Jonathan Cheetham, chair of Retail Birmingham, commented: “It’s vital we keep our streets cleaner than ever and this initiative will not only help us achieve that goal but at the same time we are pleased to be working with LoveBrum to help raise money for good causes within the city.”

Rich McIlwain, Director of Operations at Keep Britain Tidy, added: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with The Wrigley Company and our local authority partners on the Bin it for Good project.

“The charity bins initiative aims to encourage people to do the right thing with their rubbish and, at the same time, supports local charities. The results from the pilot in Essex last year were fantastic, with a reduction in litter of more than 40% and several charities getting donations as a result.”

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