BIS Increases WEEE Recycling Targets For 2016

JTA-ciwm-journal-online-WEEEThe Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has released the final 2016 WEEE collection targets, confirming an increase on the proposed target released last month.

BIS originally set out a proposed collection target of 528,687 tonnes for 2016. However, the Department has opted for a target of 544,341 tonnes.

The figure is 22,732 tonnes higher than the total amount of household WEEE collected and reported by producer compliance schemes to the environment agencies in 2015.

The overall target is below the collection levels necessary to achieve the UK member state target of 730,450 tonnes for 2016. The difference will reportedly come from “substantiated estimates” of WEEE arising and treated from other sources.

In February, BIS announced its decision to select the Joint Trade Association (JTA) WEEE compliance fee mechanism for the second year running.

The JTA proposal for 2015 builds upon the JTA system successfully operated in 2014, with a “few further enhancements”. It includes a “reliable, tried and tested methodology”. It is also supported by further independent economic analysis to validate the approach, the JTA says.

It was successful in providing a professionally managed method for WEEE schemes to meet their collection targets. It also resulted in at least £375K being made available for Local Authority WEEE projects.

WEEE data for 2015 showed growth in the lamp-recycling sector, with a total of 521,609 tonnes collected.


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