BIS Reveals Rise In Final WEEE Target For 2015

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has revealed that the collection target for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) will rise by around 16,000 tonnes for 2015. 

The final target sets out that for 2015 compliance schemes will be obligated to collect 506,878 tonnes of WEEE.

BIS released a paper earlier this month outlining the proposed 2015 WEEE household collection targets, which included a total target of 508,000 tonnes.

Producer compliance schemes (PCSs) and stakeholders were asked to provide feedback on the proposed targets. As a result some amendments were made.

The overall target, however, remains above the collection levels needed to achieve the EU member state target of 484,661 tonnes for 2015.

2015 changes include:

  • the target for Category 5 (Lighting) has been added to Category 13 (Lamps) as expected making the target for Lamps 2,680 tonnes
  • an increase in the recycling target for Category 14 (PV panels)
  • aslight alteration in Category 12 due to incorrect figures being used in the first instance.
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In February this year BIS selected proposals for a WEEE compliance fee from the Joint Trade Associations (JTA), meaning schemes will pay more the further they are from their target. (See CIWM Journal Online story)

Under the revised WEEE regulations, there is an option to pay a fee to meet the cost of members’ obligations, should the producer compliance scheme fail to meet its collection target.

Schemes that fail to meet targets for 2014 will have to register with accountancy firm Mazars, administrators of the system.

Funds collected from the fee will be distributed to local authorities.

For the BIS document CLICK HERE

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