Boris Calls For London To Become A Biodiesel Hub

biodieselA report prepared by LRS Consultancy has led the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to call on the UK’s biofuel industry to turn London into biodiesel hub.

The report, prepared for the GLA, showed that London has the highest concentration of food businesses in the UK, producing between 32 and 44m litres of used cooking oil every year, but that the vast majority of biodiesel was currently being processed in the north of England and Scotland.The Mayor’s vision is to help deliver the capital’s first biofuel refinery that will be able to tap in to the huge potential for biodiesel in London.

Johnson said: “By capturing used cooking oil right here in London and turning it into biodiesel we could provide 20% of the fuel needed to power London’s entire bus fleet, while saving more than 50,000 tonnes of CO2 and creating hundreds of new jobs.”

Following the report, entitled “The market for biodiesel production from used cooking oils and fats, oils and greases in London”, LRS facilitated a biodiesel workshop bringing together stakeholders from across the supply chain, including Transport for London which is looking at the opportunity of using biodiesel in the Capital’s bus network.

Hugh Smith, Principal Consultant, LRS Consultancy, said: “With the GLA and LRS engaging stakeholders within the biodiesel supply chain the proposition of major biodiesel manufacture from used cooking oils, fats, oils and greases, in London hopefully becomes a step closer. There were some positive conversations and we hope to see some developments in the near future.

“As well as the opportunity to collect used cooking oil from the vast array of appropriate organisations, there is an opportunity for water companies to utilise the fats, oils and greases collected from the sewers beneath our feet and use them to manufacture a low carbon fuel, in the form of biodiesel.”

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