Food Waste Falls 21 Percent Among Waitrose Shoppers

Waitrose shoppers’ food waste has fallen by 21 percent over the past seven years because people are “buying little and often”, according to Waitrose.

The Waitrose Food & Drink Report 2014 draws on a year of Waitrose sales and new consumer research, providing a comprehensive view of British behaviour – supported with insight from the retailer’s experts.

The report suggests that the reason for the drop in food waste among its customers is because people are buying “little and often”.

This may be due to busier customers having less time to spend on a “big shop”, and instead opt for convenience, the retailer says.

Other findings include food choices are increasingly influenced by technology and social media, people becoming more familiar with global cuisine and 4 in 10 of us saying weekends are now “more of a food event than they were”.

Waitrose managing director, Mark Price, said: “We have seen that Britain has become a lot thriftier, probably for the better – shoppers have refused to let go of the shopping habits they adopted during the recession.

“But, despite this, three things remain constant: Britons’ culinary curiosity, their love of good food and their desire to eat healthily.”

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Food Security

The report comes after Efra this week launched its enquiry into food security in the UK.

The inquiry, Food Security: demand, consumption and waste, will look at how the UK’s food can be sourced sustainably, how food waste can be reduced in the home and how the waste that is produced can be dealt with responsibly.

It will also look at food waste in the restaurant industry and the supply chain.

Efra chair, Miss Anne McIntosh said: “One key concern is whether more can be done to tackle the staggering amount of food wasted at home, in restaurants and along the supply chain from farm to shop. While there has been some progress on this front, each household still throws away too much food”.

The Committee will take evidence from Jay Rayner, food critic, Sustainable Restaurant Association; Morrisons; FareShare, and Trussell Trust on 22 October. Then WRAP, Plan Zheroes and Tesco on 29 October, and George Eustice, Minister for Farming and Food, Defra on 5 November.


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