California Becomes First Commercial Distributor Of Waste Derived Fuel

04-10-13(3)picFuel made entirely from waste and commercially available at petrol stations has gone on sale for the first time in California.

Clean Energy, the company providing the fuel, says that the product is made of waste gathered from a variety of sources, which include dairies, sewage plants and landfill sites.

The fuel, which is called Redeem, will be trialled at an initial 35 petrol stations, although this number is expected to increase should be scheme be deemed a success.

Clean Energy claim that the fuel is up to 90 percent cleaner than diesel as well as being completely renewable.

President and CEO of Clean Energy, Andrew Littlefair, said: “It’s a landmark day for Clean Energy as the first company to make this revolutionary and renewable transportation fuel made from waste available to our customers.

“Our goal is to produce and distribute 15m gallons of Redeem in our first year which can make significant progress towards achieving California’s climate change goals and show that this is a viable, cleaner and abundant alternative fuel source for our future.”


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