Cambridge Refuse Collectors Filmed Filling Bin To Avoid Collecting It

[youtube=]Cambridge refuse collectors were filmed purposefully filling a wheeled bin to apparently make it fuller so they would not have to collect it.

A shop owner in Cambridge used CCTV cameras to film the bin collectors, who piled waste into his bin and then walked off without emptying it.

Mr Iftikhar Ahmed, who took the video from his shop, set up the camera after he complained about his waste not being collected by Cambridge City Council.

According to guidelines, if a bin is overflowing with waste refuse collectors are not obliged to empty it for health and safety reasons.

The council has issued an apology, and a spokesperson said that “the level of service was not acceptable.”

The footage comes only weeks after Serco refuse collectors were filmed mixing recycling, which had been sorted by the householder, into a wheeled bin containing waste.

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