Campaigners Force Gloucestershire CC To Reveal Javelin Park Details

gloscc-javelin-park-ciwm-incineratorGloucestershire County Council has been ordered to reveal the full details of its waste incinerator contract with Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) following a ruling by the Government’’s Information Commissioner.

Campaign group, GlosVSIN, opposed to the 150,000 tonnes per annum waste incinerator, planned for the Javelin Park site, near Gloucester, have fought a long-running battle to obtain the full details of the contract, of which the Council has steadfastly refused to disclose all the information  on the grounds of “commercial confidentiality”, claiming that the commercial interests of GCC and UBB would be prejudiced.

Following the ruling by the Information Commissioner, it will be forced to disclose the information it has been withholding which, according to GlosVAIN had been blacked out or “redacted” in any publication of contract information.

The campaigners say they are expecting the information by 12 November. Local resident, Cos Ttofa, whose freedom of information request led to the decision, commented: “The ICO ruling is great news. Once the Council release the information, we the public will finally get to see the full facts relating to this incinerator. It has been a long waiting game. The ICO had previously ruled that other councils had to disclose their incinerator contract details and GCC knew this. These precedents meant it was almost inevitable that the council would be compelled to release the information, and be shown to have been wrongfully and unjustifiably withholding it from the public for years. The public have every right to know how vast amounts of their money is planned to be spent.””

It is understood that the Council will appeal the decision.

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