CCTV Catches Binman Mixing Household Waste With Recycling


A binman has been sacked after CCTV footage caught him deliberately mixing up a businessman’s waste outside his home, knowing it would go uncollected.

Brij Dhande, from West Bromwich, was left puzzled as to why his recycling was sometimes being collected and other times labelled as contaminated with other waste.

After installing CCTV, he caught the man transferring residual waste from one bin into his recycling.

Serco, contracted to collect refuse on behalf of Sandwell Council, said the crew member involved “no longer works” for the company.

John Mason, Serco’s General Contract Manger, said: “We expect our teams to uphold the highest standards and we are clear that the behaviour in this video is completely unacceptable. I would like to apologise and to reassure residents that we are taking this incident extremely seriously.

“I can confirm that the employee concerned no longer works for the company, and I will also be speaking to all our teams to remind them of their responsibilities.

“We very much value the efforts residents make to separate their waste and we are determined to provide residents with the very best quality of service.”

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