Chewing Gum Action Group Launches New Campaign

30-05-13(2)picThe Chewing Gum Action Group (CGAG) has launched a new campaign to focus on getting chewing gum litterers to change their behaviour.

CGAG works with local authorities across the UK to persuade gum litterers to change their behaviour and bin their gum.

According to the CGAG, a single piece of gum on the pavement costs 10p to clean up.

The CGAG runs a unique annual campaign that unites the manufacturers, Government and the charity Keep Britain Tidy to encourage people to enjoy the product, but to dispose of it properly.

CGAG – “We have proven results and a strategy to get our message heard”

It is this year once again asking for local authority applications for those that wish to take part.

“We have proven results and a strategy to get our message heard,” CGAG said.

Last year’s campaign had 14 local authorities on board that achieved an average reduction of 54 percent of chewing gum litter.

Sixty-nine percent of people said the 2010 campaign made them want to change their behaviour and 81 percent said the 2008 campaign made them realise that there is a fine for gum litter.

Results of the local authorities that took part in the 2009 campaign and achieved reductions in gum litter (reduction of chewing gum litter in total survey area) are as follows:

Aylesbury Vale Council 24%reduction
Charnwood Borough Council 21%reduction
Corby Borough Council 64%reduction
Croydon Town Centre BID 70%reduction
Peterborough City Council 95%reduction
Rochdale MBC 87%reduction
South Bucks District Council 84%reduction
Southwark Council 39%reduction
Trafford Council 16%reduction
Wigan Council 27%reduction
Wolverhampton City Council 51%reduction

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