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CIWM-B.Club-Logo-(without-member)fullOnsite EfW plants among fastest growing market, says Lhoist UK; Dennis Eagle aids Bournemouth’s new food waste service; “Cycle To Work” initiatives result in accident rise, says Heil Farid.

CIWM Business Club welcomes 5 new members since the New Year: Bridgestone (UK) Ltd, Isuzu Trucks (UK) Ltd, Untha UK Ltd, M6 Vehicle Hire and Sorbacal.

Onsite EfW Plants Among Fastest Growing Markets In Europe, Says Lhoist UK

Onsite waste-to-energy plants are predicted to be one of the fastest growing markets in Europe over the next ten years, according to Lhoist UK.

According to the company, growth will be particularly rapid in the UK, where about 10 percent of municipal solid waste is converted to energy, compared to more than 20 percent in Europe and 35 percent in Germany.

The company also says that chemical production plants are increasingly integrating waste-to-energy facilities into their infrastructure, spurred by the need to recycle their waste streams and avoid costly waste disposal and the need to generate cheaper onsite electricity.

Currently there is planning permission to build around 180 waste-to-energy projects in the UK, and many of these will be on industrial production sites. Thirty new waste-to-energy plants are to be built over the next five years.

Lhoist says that onsite biomass conversion in waste to energy is making its way to the top of the green agenda for those engineering consultants involved in designing and commissioning new industrial facilities and those plant managers operating existing production facilities.

Bournemouth Chooses Dennis Eagle For New Food Waste Service 

Bournemouth Borough Council has chosen Dennis Eagle to supply a fleet of new refuse collection vehicles in preparation for the roll out of the Council’s new food waste service.

Sixteen of the twenty new waste collection vehicles are being delivered this month in preparation for the start of Bournemouth Borough Council’s food waste service in March 2014. The new dual-compartment “Kitchen Waste Duo” vehicles, manufactured by Dennis Eagle, allow the crews to collect food waste and general waste at the same time.

The arrival of the vehicles marks the start of the lead up to food waste collections across the borough.

Councillor Michael Filer, portfolio holder for waste, said: “These vehicles are magnificent!  They allow our collection crews to collect general waste and food waste at the same time.  This means that residents still only have one collection vehicle driving down their road to collect both the rubbish bin and food waste container.

In Bournemouth approximately 38 percent of waste thrown away is food. By separating food waste from the general rubbish, food waste can be used to make high quality compost or create renewable energy instead.

“Cycle To Work” Initiatives Result In Accident Rise

Initiatives aimed at helping to keep all road users safe in the close vicinity around RCVs have been high on the agenda of Heil Farid, the company has announced.

This resulted in an evaluation of technologies available that might assist in making driver’s more aware of road users in the vicinity around the vehicle.

In close collaboration with ASL (a division of Continental), the Heil Farid Safe View Camera System has been developed and is available to be fitted to all new or existing Heil Farid RCVs as an option.

It works by having four cameras mounted to the vehicle (front, back and sides). The images produced by these cameras are computer enhanced and seamlessly display an all round image on a large 9” screen in the cab.

Governmental initiatives encouraging people to “Cycle to Work” has resulted in a significant rise in the number of accidents involving cyclists, the company has said, saying a significant percentage of accidents to cyclists come as a result of drivers of large vehicles not seeing them.

Paul Brown, UK Municipal & Export Sales Manager for Heil Farid, said: “Drivers can see the benefits of having a ‘birds eye view’, which allows them to easily identify cyclists, children, other road users and their own work colleagues in close proximity to the vehicle on one clear screen.” 

MOBA Presents “Pay As You Throw” Solution At IFAT

The IFAT Media Dialog, held this January in Munich, gave the media a glimpse of many of the exciting new products that will be shown at IFAT show later on this year in May.

MOBA, provider of bin weighing and identification systems, presented a solution with which waste disposal can be realised according to the “Pay as you throw” principle which is a legal requirement in many European states and is now gaining a great deal of interest from public and private waste companies over here in the UK in response to real customer demand.

The John Lewis Partnership, for example, is already exploring how, with the help of one of their main waste contractors, Simply Waste Solutions in partnership with MOBA, to turn this from concept into a reality.

According to Mike Walters, the Partnership’s Manager, Waste & Water Resource “This could just be the catalyst to help us further reduce the amount of waste we produce whilst at the same time achieving even greater levels of recycling. There would then be a clear incentive for us to throw less and, if we become even more mindful of what we put in our bins, we could even reduce our overall operational costs”.

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