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London Borough of Havering Adopts “Intelligent” Sweeper Weighing System

LB of Havering Sweeper fitted with VWS VOPS2 SystemFollowing successful trials the London Borough of Havering has installed the VOPS2 Overload Warning System from Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS) to three of its Scarab Minor Sweepers with a view to fitting the system to the Authority’s larger sweepers when they are replaced.

Simon Blake, head of transport, London Borough of Havering said: “Overloading is always an issue with sweepers especially in wet conditions when the hopper is only partially full but you’ve reached the payload. We needed an intelligent weighing system that would enable us to maximise the efficiency of the vehicles by collecting as much as possible, but without overloading and risk losing our Operators Licence.

“Overloading vehicles puts undue stress on the tyres and a braking system, which means more maintenance and vehicle downtime, plus increased fuel usage.”

The VOPS2 system doesn’t rely on the use of springs, which can stretch and require regular adjustment; it uses electronic load sensors that are installed between the axle and the body of the vehicle to detect the load applied to the axles. The reading is more accurate and the system can be fitted to any commercial vehicle ranging from 3.5-7.5 tonne GVW. The system only requires calibrating once a year.

Julian Glasspole, managing director, VWS said: “Overloading can be easy to do and around 20% of vans that are stopped are found to be over capacity. VOPS2 is leading in its field, providing operators with reliable data and peace of mind that overloading will be prevented.”

End Of Waste Certification In Sight For SUEZ With New CDEnviro CO:FLO

COFLOSUEZ’s Willenhall site has installed the CDenviro CO:FLO on its road sweepings processing plant.

The design of the CO:FLO has enhanced the health and safety of onsite operators, according to CDEnviro, which design and manufacture a range of waste reduction and recycling equipment for application in the sewage, wastewater, waste management and utility industries.

These high performance, high efficiency materials recovery and recycling systems have been developed to substantially reduce waste to landfill and maximise the production of commercial grade products from a number of waste streams.

Martin Bladon, SUEZ Site Manager of the Willenhall site, said: “Both ours and CDEnviro’s aim was to achieve end-of-waste/waste-derived materials and CDEnviro stipulated that depending on the contaminants present a tertiary solution may be required but regardless the CO:FLO was a vital piece of this process.

“Since it’s installation we have noticed a significant increase in the level of contamination in our centrifuge cake which is a testament to the effectiveness of the CO:FLO and have also had the added bonus of being able to increase plant throughput due to this new level of performance.

“As a result our sand and aggregate products are now within the aggregate quality protocol limits and consequentially we are now just weeks away from having these products de-classified as waste and certified for re-use.

“This is a significant milestone not just for SUEZ but also for the road sweeping process industry as a whole and we are proud to be leading the way. We continue to work with CDEnviro in our joint goal of achieving sustainable revenue generating outlets for all of the recycled materials produced by our plant.”

New Fleet Arrives For Lichfield & Tamworth Joint Waste Service

Gary Brownridge, Lichfield DC; Cllr Eadie, Lichfield DC; Nigel Harris, General Manager, Joint Waste ServiceLichfield & Tamworth Joint Waste Service has begun taking delivery of a replacement fleet of 22 new vehicles that will start collecting recycling and waste from 76,000 homes across Lichfield District and Tamworth Borough.

The delivery of the vehicles has followed a competitive tendering process, which saw Specialist Fleet Services Ltd (SFS) chosen as the service’s vehicle provider. This is a new customer for SFS and the contract includes the maintenance of the vehicles via Lichfield District Council’s existing workshop facilities.

Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet Member for Waste Management at Lichfield District Council, commented: “It’s great to see the new fleet of waste, recycling and street cleansing vehicles arrive. The trucks are more compact, making them easier to manoeuvre, as well as being more fuel efficient due to their latest clean burn Euro 6 engines. They also have the latest safety packages, including cycle awareness and a 360-degree camera system, as well as various other driver aids. We will put them to good use over the next six years, taking away waste and recycling, helping to keep Lichfield and Tamworth tidy.”

Councillor Michelle Thurgood, Cabinet Member for Housing and Waste Management at Tamworth Borough Council, said: “I am delighted to see these new vehicles have been delivered and I look forward to seeing them on our streets. These are essential bits of kit and along with the teams responsible, do an amazing job at keeping Tamworth and Lichfield looking lovely.”

The six-year contract hire agreement commences this month, with the option to extend for an additional six years, and involves the provision of 22 vehicles for the councils’ shared Joint Waste Service’s refuse, recycling and street cleansing fleet.

The new vehicles comprise 18 x 26- tonne Mercedes/Faun Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV), three DAF/NTM and one Mitsubishi/Faun 7.5 RCV.

UNTHA UK Launches Roadshow Of Events For 2016

Untha_11_lo_resIndustrial shredding specialist UNTHA UK is finalising plans for its 2016 roadshow of events.

The popular waste, recycling and alternative fuel production experts are always seen at exhibitions and conferences throughout the country. But this year, the calendar will look somewhat different for the well-known company.

For the next 12 months, instead of attending the industry’s usual trade shows, UNTHA UK will host its own roadshow of events with the support of CIWM.

With exact dates, topics and locations soon to be confirmed, the programme will include a number of authoritative seminars, product demonstrations, case study site visits and panellist debates involving different industry professionals.

The first events on the calendar include:

  • an advice-led webinar about the preventative maintenance of shredders, focusing specifically on best practice cutter refurbishment
  • live UK-wide demonstrations of UNTHA’s new mobile waste shredder, where organisations will be able to trial the machine using their own materials
  • a best practice webinar highlighting how to increase the profitability of WtE plants
  • a practical WEEE and heavy metals recycling summit, with networking, at UNTHA UK’s North Yorkshire headquarters.

A £100,000 refurbishment project is underway at UNTHA UK’s test centre, to pave the way for the events that UNTHA will host itself. New conference room facilities will look out over a revamped demonstration hall, enabling attendees to see the shredders in action and trial the machinery using their own materials.

Chris Oldfield,UNTHA UK managing director (pictured),explains: “This events calendar has been a long time in the making. In fact, it actually began in earnest in November 2015, when we began our XR mobil-e roadshow throughout the UK.

“We hope to see an array of faces, old and new, at the remainder of the 2016 events. We’re in the process of booking venues throughout the country, and will work through our team’s portfolio of expertise to ensure there’s something for everyone.

“Every event will be available on ‘catch up’ too, as we’re set to launch our very own UNTHA TV. It’s all part of our commitment to doing things a bit differently.

“So, whilst UNTHA UK won’t be at events such as RWM 2016, there will be plenty of exciting times and places to see us, in much more contextual environments.”


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