CIWM Commission Research Into The Circular Economy

21-03-14(1)picCIWM has announced the commission of a piece of research into the circular economy, in order to determine how best to support the sector in delivering the Circular Economy.

Entitled The Circular Economy: what is it and what does it mean for the waste and resource management sector?, the report will be launched in October 2014 by the incoming CIWM President, John Quinn.

The tender for the research was won by a consortium bid from Ray Georgeson Resources Ltd, Beasley Associates Ltd and Green Gain Ltd.

The project will cover all parts of the waste and resource management sector in each of the five countries of the UK and Ireland.

“CIWM has commissioned this research to determine how best to support the sector in delivering the Circular Economy, to understand how attitudes and opinions vary across the sector and between countries and to identify any additional infrastructure, policy or awareness that is required to move forward,” explains CIWM Technical Manager Tracy Moffatt.

“Terms such as circular economy and resource efficiency are often used interchangeably but actually mean very different things. We want to explore how clearly this is understood and how it applies to our sector, with the aim of supporting the sector as it seeks to engage with and influence the move towards the circular economy, now and the next ten years.

“The consultants will be looking to contact members of the waste and resource management industry to gather their experiences and opinions on these issues.

“CIWM is encouraging CIWM members and the sector as a whole to engage with the project and help to make this piece of work useful and beneficial.”

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