CIWM Welcomes Waitrose Pledge To Reduce Waste

03-05-13(2)Supermarket chain Waitrose yesterday (02 May) announced a set of commitments that will see them, amongst other things, halve the amount of packaging they use by 2016.

They have also confirmed that low carbon technology will be used for any new-builds, and that all UK stores will continue to be run by 100% renewable energy. By 2020, they are aiming to power 40 stores with renewable woodchips, and will replace all in-store lighting with energy efficient LEDs.

Waitrose has pioneered a number of waste related policies in recent years, and already sends zero food waste to landfill; food that is still fit for consumption is donated to charities, while unusable food is turned into energy via anaerobic digestion.

Other pledges include ensuring that all fish is independently certified as sustainable, and giving more than £10m to charitable causes, which will include support for agricultural sustainability through the Duchy Future Farming Programme.

CIWM chief executive Steve Lee said: “We are delighted to be able to highlight responsible retailing, in this instance by Waitrose, and will continue to do so in the future wherever possible.

“More generally, we have been pleased to point out the considerable achievements of individual retailers and the whole sector under the Courtauld 2 Commitment. We now eagerly await any announcement of the next phase, and hope to see some truly stretching targets.

“Retail has such an influential impact on resource efficiency, and this will be an important next step.”

The complete Waitrose pledge can be seen here


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