Coca-Cola Bottling Company Agrees Waste Reduction Target

nirproduction001Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister Mark H Durkan has signed a significant environmental agreement with Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (Coca-Cola HBC) Ireland and Northern Ireland that will see it aim for zero waste by 2020. 

The Prosperity Agreement with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) will see Coca-Cola HBC commit to reduce their carbon emissions by up to 15% by 2019.

It will also reduce waste produced in order to help reach its target of sending zero wate to landfill by 2020. This will mean influencing other parts of the supply chain to promote environmental performance including a move towards the circular economy’ of reuse, repair, remanufacturing and recycling.

Mark H Durkan – “This is a win-win. This commitment to reduce emissions and waste and improve energy consumption is good for the environment and good for business”

The agreement will also see the company make significant improvements in energy consumption by at least 10-15% (3.8m kwh).

As part of their commitment to reducing the impact of their business on the environment, Coca-Cola HBC, a franchised bottler for The Coca Cola Company based in Lisburn, will implement a number of sustainability initiatives, including light weighting bottles, installing LED lighting, integrating energy saving mode to existing machinery and investigating the potential use of harvesting rain water.

The company will also decrease water usage by 5% equating to around 11 Olympic sized swimming pools and improve energy consumption by 10-15 per cent, equivalent to somewhere in the region of 37m kettles boiled.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Environment Minister, speaking at the signing of the Agreement at the Coca-Cola HBC manufacturing plant in Lisburn said: “This is a win-win. This commitment to reduce emissions and waste and improve energy consumption is good for the environment and good for business.

“My department will now work in partnership with Coca-Cola HBC to put together an action plan to unlock economic opportunities and bring about environmental benefits through business innovation. Working together the aim is to tackle environmental and economic problems facing the soft drinks sector in the North.

“Through their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, Coca-Cola HBC will also promote environmental stewardship with their employees, business partners and the local community. This presents a great opportunity to communicate environmental opportunities to this audience of key stakeholders.”

Commenting on the significance of signing this agreement, Frank O’Donnell, General Manager Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland, said: “By reducing the impact of our business on the environment, we are also making our business more efficient and securing its long-term future.”

This agreement is the fourth such agreement signed. The first agreement was signed by Linden Foods/ Linergy in August 2014. The second agreement was signed with Lafarge Tarmac in March 2015. The third agreement was signed with Thompsons Feeds in July 2015.

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