Commission To Publish Food Waste Initiatives

food-waste-EU-commissionThe European Commission is set to publish initiatives in food waste, plastics and Eco-design.

Speaking at the Committee of the Regions environment debate in Brussels today (21 April), Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella (pictured) has said.

Vella earlier this week announced that the Commission had already started implementing the Action Plan for Circular Economy Package.

Adding to this he announced the first tangible measures include new rules for fertilisers, aiming to make it easier for manufacturers to reuse raw materials that were previously disposed of as waste.

vella_0“We are also opening up Europe’s single market to organic and waste-based fertilisers,” he said.

During the coming months we can also expect many more initiatives in areas like green public procurement, Eco-design, food waste, plastics, water reuse, chemicals, and innovation.

He added: “Work is also on-going on a Communication on waste-to-energy, which we hope to deliver this year, on a plastics strategy, and on many other deliverables for 2017.

“We are already into detailed discussions with the member states on the waste proposals, and we will open discussions with the European Parliament in a matter of weeks.

“We hope to be able to advance quickly on the key issues. I am thinking in particular of definitions, calculation rules and the level of ambition.”

Vella added the Commission is also working closely with the European Investment Bank to reinforce circular economy-related innovation and attract investors.

Funding is also being mobilised through the structural funds, and the €315bn European Fund for Strategic Investments will help raise private finance, especially in areas where commercial banks are hesitant to get involved.

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