Communities And Local Government Committee Launches Litter Enquiry

[youtube=]The Communities and Local Government Committee (CLG) has launched an enquiry into littering and fly-tipping, claiming that despite campaigns aimed at changing the public’s behavior, litter has failed to be substantially reduced.

Despite a collection of powers and responsibilities for local councils and other bodies enshrined in legislation, the CLG says that the reduction in litter on the streets isn’t enough, and it remains an issue of local public concern.

30m tonnes of litter is picked up every year from the streets of England, according the Committee.

Keep Britain Tidy puts a £1bn plus annual price tag on managing litter and its knock-on impacts nationally.

The Committee is therefore inviting submissions on how “significant a problem littering and fly-tipping is”.

It wants to know whether current government policies are adequate and give local authorities enough autonomy to tackle the problem in local communities.

Written submissions are invited from interested parties on:

  • what problems litter and fly-tipping create for local communities and is the situation improving or deteriorating?
  • how effective are the actions of those responsible for managing waste in the local environment?
  • what more should local councils, the Environment Agency, and Government funded bodies such as WRAP do?
  • does the current statute, regulation and guidance set an effective framework to minimise litter and fly-tipping. What, if any, further changes are required?
  • what roles do and should the private citizen and campaign and action groups have in tackling litter?

The Committee will particularly welcome any evidence from local authority scrutiny committees. The deadline for the enquiry is Thursday, 16 October 2014.

CLG is also calling for photographs to be submitted that illustrate problems with litter and fly-tipping – and also “before and after” photographs where areas have been successfully cleaned.

It’s asking people to tweet photographs to @commonsclg, using the hashtag #litterpix

CLICK HERE for more on contributing to this enquiry


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