Consumers Unaware Of How Much Food They Waste

Food-wasteUK shoppers believe 10% – equivalent to £400 a year for the average family – of their food budget is spent on food that is eventually wasted, according to research. The actual figure, however, is £700.

A Sainsbury’s study in association with WRAP, as part of its “Waste less, save more” campaign, surveyed 5,000 people.

It found that there is a discrepancy between what consumers think they waste and the reality.

When added up for the UK population of 64m, this comes to 7m tonnes of wasted food a year, which, according to Sainsbury’s, 60% of which is avoidable.

According to the Guardian reports, the research also found that less than 3% of families are concerned with wasting food, whereas 75% are concerned with wasting electricity.

The report identified four factors that influence the level of food waste produced: lack of awareness; the gap between perceived knowledge and actual behaviour; a lack of good role models; and social trends such as the growth of foodie-ism.

Mike Coupe, Sainsbury’s chief executive, said: “Wasting food has become so normal, there is now no stigma attached to throwing food away. This report identifies the four behaviours that drive household food waste and, now we know these, we can focus our efforts on helping people actually change their behaviour.”

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