CSG Completes Oil Reclamation Development Programme

csg-oil-reclamationWaste management group, CSG, has completed an £850,000 infrastructure building programme at its Middlesbrough oil reclamation facility and says the site is now “fully open for business” and additionally it has acquired two new businesses.

The group has acquired Wilton Waste Treatment, an established waste treatment and transfer business based on Teesside’s Wilton International industrial complex, as well as Middlesbrough-based waste oil recycling firm Recyc-Oil which operates mainly in the marine sector.

CSG took over the 2.2 acre site when it acquired the assets of Harpers Environmental Services in 2012, earmarking it as a key location in the company’s plans to develop a major oily sludge treatment business across Teesside.

The Middlesbrough facility has been remodelled and now includes a new oily sludge centrifuge, a tank farm consisting of 10 storage and processing tanks, a tanker washout facility and solids tipping bay. The operation complements the soluble oil and Recovered Fuel Oil treatments carried out by Recyc-Oil.

It will offer a wide range of waste treatment and recycling services including oil and water treatment, chemical analysis and a wash plant for contaminated industrial rags.

CSG operations manager Jen Cartmell said the newly-updated facility would increase throughput and result in a cleaner effluent and ‘purer’ recovered oil collected in larger quantities. “The oil recovered will be of a much higher quality, and the volume of sludge for disposal will be reduced. The site is now fully open for business and our plan is to recover substantial quantities of useful lubricating oils, fuels and other hydrocarbon products from waste oils brought to the plant from across the North East.”



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