Defra Delays Its 25-Year Environment Plan

defraDefra has informed the industry that its 25 Year Environment Plan will NOT now be published before the end of 2016 and, in addition, the framework for the Plan that was expected this summer will also not be being published.

In a letter to stakeholders, Defra’s 25 Year Environment Plan, explained that the original timings of the framework and the subsequent Plan “did not take into account [Britain’s] decision to leave the EU. As a result we will not be publishing the framework this summer or the plan by the end of the year”.

The letter added that “[Defra wants] to reassure you that Government is committed to developing a long term plan for the environment. The reason for the delay is because the outcome of the EU referendum vote provides us with the opportunity to expand the scope of the plan to consider a long-term vision for the type of environment we want in Britain outside of the EU.

“We want to design an effective approach to driving environmental improvement, tailored to the needs of our country that has a powerful and permanent impact. Development of this will need to be informed by significant engagement with input from all interested parties across many sectors to inform the long term plan.”

Defra offers no new timescale for a post-Brexit Environment Plan, which was originally revealed in its “`Single departmental plan: 2015 to 2020” report, which set out its objectives for 2016, which included developing new approaches for tackling waste crime, including using £20m from reform of the Landfill Communities Fund, and for tackling litter.


Steve-Lee-no-cut-out-wide-webCIWM chief executive, Steve Lee, commented: “It may be unwelcome in light of the current policy vacuum on waste in England, but the delay of Defra’s 25-year plan seems inevitable given the need to articulate a new vision for the UK outside the EU in this and many other policy areas.

“That said, any period of uncertainty has the potential to damage momentum and investment, and Government must not wait too long to address the task. Waste and resource management must be seen as a cornerstone for future economic growth and business competitiveness.

“More than ever, UK industry will need to strengthen the bottom line through waste reduction and resource efficiency, and our sector needs a clear vision and policy framework from Government to ensure it can play its part in supporting the UK economy going forward.”

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