VIDEO: Defra’s Rory Stewart Speaking At Resourcing The Future 2015

[youtube=]Resources Minister Rory Stewart opened the first day of the Resourcing the Future 2015 Conference in London, with the message that the UK needs to engage with the European Commission with a “unified voice”. 

Addressing delegates at the joint conference between CIWM, ESA and the Resources Association, Stewart said that the devolved UK governments must work together to ensure the European Commission’s circular economy package 2.0 meets the UK’s particular needs.

He said it was important to make sure that whatever the Commission comes up with “is right for the UK.”

To make sure this happens, Stewart said that government would have to listen to the resources and waste industry.

“So we’re going to have to listen very closely to you,” he said, “to make sure that you look very closely at those proposals out of the Commission for a circular economy, to make sure they meet our particular conditions and your particular businesses.”

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