Derby’s Plan To Axe Recycling In “Deprived Areas” Would Be “On Trial Basis”

08-07-13(1)picPlans by Derby City Council to abandon recycling in 140 streets labeled as “deprived areas” will only be done on a trial basis, the council has announced.

The proposals, which were suggested in May, would see kerbside recycling stopped in parts of Abbey, Arboretum, Mackworth and Normanton wards, due to low recycling rates in those areas.

It’s also hoped the move will cut fly-tipping, missed collections due to rubbish going in the wrong bins and litter in the streets.

According to the Derby Telelgraph, councilors have said that even if the plans were to go ahead, it would only be on a trial basis.

Peter Robinson, Derby Climate Coalition – “Abandoning recycling for some areas will give the wrong message to residents in Derby, undoing much good work”

Councillor Ranjit Banwait, cabinet member for neighbourhoods and the Streetpride service, said: “We have written to all households in the four areas concerned inviting comments on the proposal.

“While the consultation is still ongoing, we have already received a number of responses.

“At the end of the trial period, it will only be made permanent if it is successful in tackling the issues which have blighted these areas – namely bins on the streets, contaminated bins, high levels of fly-tipping and general litter.

“We have undertaken information and educational campaigns over a long period of time, as well as enforcement action, without ever resolving the issues.

“This is one proposal to improve the situation for local people and we have asked for other solutions.”

According to a survey of residents in Mackworth, two in every three residents respondents wished to see the recycling continue.

It also found people felt they had no practical way of getting bins off the street and the majority of respondents felt the council should make it easier to recycle.

Peter Robinson, chairman of the coalition, said: “I think it is wrong to blame the communities where these problems are occurring.

Councillor Banwait also told the newspaper: “We have also carried out a door-to-door survey with 100 households in each of the four areas, with initial feedback demonstrating the proposal is popular among residents.”

Peter Robinson, chairman of Derby Climate Coalition previously commented: “Abandoning recycling for some areas will give the wrong message to residents in Derby, undoing much good work. By giving a mixed message it will probably also impact negatively in other areas too.”



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