EA To Change Dockside Waste Storage Regulations

11-04-13(1)picThe Environment Agency (EA) is set to change how it regulates chipped wood waste and refuse derived fuel when stored at the dockside waiting for export or following import.

The EA has produced new guidance to allow storage of these materials without the need for a permit,which will replace the existing low risk positions (LRW432 and LRW 431).

Chipped wood waste for use as a fuel has a number of characteristics, which can cause environmental pollution issues if it is inappropriately managed.

As a result there is a need to ensure that the controls placed upon its storage, pending export or import, are sufficient to minimise environmental risks.

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 (EPR) allow for the storage of certain wastes at a dockside prior to export or import to take place under an exemption.

The EA adopted a low risk waste position (LWR432) in 2010 applying similar criteria specified in the wording of the current exemptions to the storage of chipped wood.

However it has now withdrawn this following evidence of unacceptable environmental impacts on amenity (dust) and risk of fire caused by poor storage arrangements at sites operating under that position. The new regulatory position statement (RPS) replaces that low risk waste position.

Complying with the new regulations will allow the short term storage of wood waste for fuel (EWC 19 12 07) at a dockside pending its loading or unloading for export or import for recovery in energy from waste (EfW) facilities.

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