Energy From Waste Inputs Up To 8.48Mt In 2015

14-07-16-efw-tolvik-exampleThe total inputs into the UK’s energy from waste (EfW) sites in 2015 reached a high of 8.48Mt, up 26 percent from the previous peak of 6.73Mt, according to a new briefing note published by Tolvik Consulting.

Tolvik’s “Inputs Into UK Energy From Waste Facilities In 2015” provides an update on its “UK Energy From waste Statistics – 2014” report and comes ahead of a planned Autumn release of a more comprehensive study of the EfW market.

Based on operators’ annual performance reports, prepared by EfW operators as part of the permitting requirements and sourced from the Environment Agency under a Freedom of Information request, it reports that the number of EfW sites accepting waste for processing in 2015 was 37, four more than in 2014. Those facilities accepting waste for the first time in 2015 were Peterborough, Battlefield, Devonport, Ferrybridge and Leeds. The incinerator on the Isle of Scillies was closed in 2014.

It also reports that Veolia is still the largest operator in the sector, with a 26 percent share of the market (2,202 ktpa), followed by Viridor with 21.6 percent (1,833 ktpa) and Suez with 11.2 percent (950 ktpa), while more than 85 percent of nuts were found to have be from residual local authority collected waste.

14-07-16-EfW-market-share-TolvikFor those EfW facilities for which operational hours were reported and which were operational throughout 2015, the average availability was recorded at 89 percent, the ams as in 2014. The highest reported availability was Newhaven EfW at 95.9 percent. For EfWs which were operational throughout 2015, average inputs expressed as a percentage of their permitted capacity was recorded at 88.9 percent, up 0.7 percent from 2014.

And finally, based on EfWs which were operational, in construction or where finance was in place as at June 2016, and assuming inputs remain at 88.9 percent of consented capacity, it is estimated that the “certain” capacity at UK EfWs by 2020 will be 12.90Mt.

You can read the “UK Energy From waste Statistics – 2014” here


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