England “Nowhere Near” Cross-Party Consensus On Waste – Tony Juniper

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWQAKOjuP5g&w=472]Environmentalist and President for the Society for the Environment says that England is no where near developing a cross-party consensus with regards to its waste management, saying environmental issues have become “highly politicised”.

Tony says that the “environment” has become a matter of political ideology and that some politicians define their agenda almost against environmentalism.

He says that the future health of the country should be the priority.

Laura Sandys MP, however, believes that resource management in the country is not particularly political, saying it is a mainstream issue. “We just need to come to the right solutions,” she said.

Roger Williams MP and Cllr Jonathan Essex also give their views on the issue along with how attainable they believe the EU’s 70 percent target for 2030 is for England.

Cllr Jonathan Essex, the Green Party, says that 70 percent shouldn’t been seen a difficult target. It should be seen as the first target from which to exceed.

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