Environment Agency Consults On MRF Quality Policing Costs For Operators


The Environment Agency (EA) has outlined that operators of materials recycling facilities (MRFs) will have to pay £2,240 for the cost associated with policing the new MRF quality regulations.

From October 2014 there will be mandatory sampling and reporting for all MRFs in England and Wales processing more than 1,000 tonnes of dry recyclate per year. They will be required to measure and report the quality of the input, output and residual waste streams every three months.

The purpose of the regulation is to help stimulate the market conditions necessary to improve the quality of the material produced by Materials Facilities so that it can be more readily recycled. The regulations affect approximately 200 existing waste permit holders in England.

The proposed charges will allow the EA to recover costs in enforcing these new requirements, it says.

The proposed charges will allow the EA to recover costs in enforcing these new requirements, it says

The EA wants to know what the industry thinks of the charges and is also seeking views on charges for use of the Definition of Waste panel advisory facility.

The EA has set up an advisory panel (Definition of Waste Panel), which provides consistent, expert advice on the definition of waste. It is proposing to introduce an hourly charge for those that use this service. The charges will be capped at a maximum of £5,000.

Additional Regulatory Costs

The charge (£2,240 per annum), proposed in the consultation, is to cover the additional regulatory costs of a planned annual inspection, an unannounced annual inspection and to take any follow up action with operators who need help with compliance.

The charge will also fund management of operators’ reported data and is in addition to the current annual permit subsistence charge.

The consultation also covers a separate proposed new charging arrangement in respect of the provision of advice from our Definition of Waste Panel. The EA says that the Panel supports business by helping to identify where end of waste has been demonstrated and therefore when waste regulatory controls no longer apply.

The work of this Panel is currently unfunded and the proposal will require people who submit future requests for advice to enter into a charging agreement, which will involve a charge at an hourly rate of £125, with a capped maximum of £5,000 for each waste derived product or by-product.

The consultation opens as WRAP last week (25 April) published guidance on improving the quality of materials sorted at materials recovery facilities (MRFs) in response to the Government’s final version of its regulations.

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