Environmental Industries Commission Launches 2015 Election Manifesto

03-03-15-EIC-manifestoThe Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) has called on the UK’s political parties to support the the environmental technology and services sector in the lead-up this year’s General Election, prioritising five key areas and outlining 10 new policy recommendations.

Its new report, Priorities for the next Government’ calls on the parties to:

  • Make new infrastructure sustainable
  • Deliver real air quality improvement to protect the public
  • Enforce existing regulations properly
  • Support exports of environmental goods and services
  • Deliver a step change in energy efficiency

Commenting, the EIC’s Executive Director, Matthew Farrow, said: “The focus of the coming Election will be competing views on how to secure future economic growth and jobs. Yet current growth is already putting severe pressure on our natural resources and ecosystems.

“This presents an acute sustainability dilemma for the next government. The push for growth – not least to reduce the deficit – and the desire to build more homes, modernise our transport systems, and upgrade our energy infrastructure means that pressures on our natural resources and will get even greater over the next five years. Imagination, innovation and political will be needed to manage this dilemma.”

In addition, it outlined 10 policy recommendations, which it says can be introduced with no, or low, public cost. These are:

  • Set up a statutory Committee on Air Quality, accountable to Parliament and with equivalent duties to the Climate Change Committee
  • National Framework of Low Emission Zones with proper enforcement
  • Revenue-neutral changes to vehicle tax to halt the current trend of displacement of petrol by diesel vehicles
  • Reduce motorway/dual-carriageway speed limit to 60mph in Air Quality Management Areas
  • Prompt implementation of Minimum Energy Performance Standards proposals and Allowable Solutions
  • Government support for provision/collation of benchmarking data of non-domestic building energy use
  • UKTI/industry mapping study of export opportunities for environmental industries
  • Make a long term commitment to the carbon price floor
  • Introduce a national Quality Mark Scheme for Land affected by Contamination
  • Strengthen GHG reporting guidelines on ‘embodied emissions’

You can read the report in full here


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