Is Eric Pickles To Be “Replaced” In Cabinet Reshuffle?

22-05-14(1)picAccording to reports, Eric Pickles (pictured), Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and MP for Essex seat Brentwood and Ongar, is to be replaced in a Cabinet reshuffle that will see him given the task of taking on UKIP for the Tories in next year’s General Election.

Pickles has vehemently promoted weekly waste collections over fortnightly during his time at the DCLG, often to the dismay of environmental groups that say fortnightly collections produce more recycling.

Among his efforts to “bring back” the weekly waste collection, he implemented funding from the DCLG that councils could use to upgrade their waste services – including a return to weekly collections.

More recently Pickles and his team at the DCLG published the so-called “Bin Bible”, which was aimed at destroying “the lazy left-wing myth that fortnightly bin collections are needed to save money or increase recycling”.

04-06-14(1)pic2In August last year Pickles issued guidance for councils to tackle “the daily obstacle course” of wheelie bins and recycling boxes” in streets.

According to The Mirror, Pickles’ replacement will be employment minister Esther McVey (pictured left).

Pickles (62) is to be given the task of taking on UKIP for the Tories in next year’s General Election”.

The reports state Prime Minister David Cameron is set to make the communities secretary Tory Party chairman, replacing Grant Shapps. It is believed the PM is of the opinion that Pickles has the right “heavyweight image” to convince UKIP voters to return to the Tories.


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