ESA To Examine Extended Producer Responsibility In Tackling Litter

litter-esaThe Environmental Services Association (ESA) has announced its intention to launch a white paper examining the role that extended producer responsibility (EPR) could play in tackling the significant cost to local authorities of clearing up litter.

The white paper will consider the merits of applying EPR to some of the common components of UK litter to transfer the cost of preventing and clearing up litter from the public to the private purse.

It will show that 30m tonnes of litter are collected in the UK each year costing local authorities £1bn.

It costs an estimated £342m per year to clean up the 200m cigarette butts thrown away every day by UK smokers.

“ESA’s White Paper will consider the merits of manufacturers of littered items contributing to the multi-million pound clean-up costs associated with their products”

Fast food litter is increasing and affects 31% of sites surveyed, according to Keep Britain Tidy and chewing gum is costing councils in the region of £60m to clear up each year – £1.50 for each piece of discarded gum, according to the Local Government Association.

Jacob Hayler, Executive Director of ESA said: “The introduction of EPR to help clean up the litter from Britain’s streets would save local Authorities significant resources at a time when council budgets are under increasing pressure.

“Chewing gum, cigarette butts and fast food packaging are some of the most commonly littered items which in total cost councils £1bn each year to clear up, enough to pay for 33,000 nurses or pay for more than 300,000 pupils to attend primary school.

“ESA’s White Paper will consider the merits of manufacturers of littered items contributing to the multi-million pound clean-up costs associated with their products.

“The introduction of EPR would also incentivise better recyclability and if we recycled just half of the volume littered in the UK each it would have an economic value of nearly £15m.”

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