ESA Urges Chancellor To Preserve Landfill Communities Fund

budget-cutsThe Environmental Services Association (ESA) has called on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to safeguard the future of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) by allowing community projects to continue to use third party contributions to make up the 10% funding shortfall under the scheme.

ESA’s Executive Director, Jacob Hayler said the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) has supported over 50,000 community and environmental projects across the UK with funds totalling £1.2 billion.

“If HM Treasury proceeds with the previously proposed change to third party contributions, it would be catastrophic for the scheme,” he said.

“This vital funding source for local projects would be potentially jeopardised, while jobs at the administering Environmental Bodies would also be at stake.

“Bringing in these changes now would provide landfill operators with little time to budget, particularly when their planning timescales tend to be around five years in advance and when some individual operators are facing unforeseen annual costs of almost £1 million.

“ESA has urged HM Treasury to retain third party contributions as part of the Landfill Communities Fund, which would preserve the future of the scheme and ensure that local communities continue to benefit.

“We hope that the Budget includes a positive announcement to this effect.”

George Osborne will on Wednesday (16 march) reveal the details of his 2016 Budget, which is expected to container further cuts following from his Spending Review that in November last year saw substantial cuts to Defra, DECC, BIS and DCLG spending.

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