Fire Involving 13 Tonnes Of Walkers Crisp Waste

31-03-14(1)picA crisp storage shed that housed 13 tonnes of waste Walkers crisps has caught fire in County Durham yesterday morning (30 March).

The blaze was reported to County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service at 8.05am.

The crisps had been cooked at a nearby factory and taken to Hulam Farm near Castle Eden for recycling after failing quality control and were destined to be turned into pig feed.

The site is run by Sugarich, which turns rejected or surplus food like crisps and biscuits into animal feed.

Director Alex Keogh said the firm had “protocols in place to make sure product doesn’t come onto the premises hot” and this incident was isolated.

It is believed that crisps had self-ignited after arriving at the shed still hot. That “hot spot” had not been detected.

Firefighters Firefighters had to dig them out of the barn and spread them on the ground before hosing them down, he said.

The watch manager, based at Peterlee, said: “The rejected crisps get recycled at the farm.

“The crisps are full of starch and oil and they have been heated. They were dropped in a big pile and they have ignited. The crisps were inside a barn and we extinguished it in about two hours.”


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