Firefighters At Salford Plastic Recyclers Faced Molten River of Plastic

Firefighters have subdued a blaze that broke out at the Roydon Group plastics recycling depot in the Clifton area of Swinton yesterday (15 March) after dozens of people called North West Fire Control.

Eight fire engines and an aerial appliance were sent to the scene at Junction Eco-Park in Rake Lane to tackle the fire, which involved a large quantity of recycled plastics.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Area Manager, Wayne Shields, said: “When crews first arrived they were faced with a running fire – the plastic had melted and was running down towards the adjacent buildings. We managed to stop the flow of plastic.”

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has worked closely with the Environment Agency, United Utilities and Greater Manchester Police to deal with the incident.

The smoke plume from the fire could be seen for miles around and led to more than 70 calls to North West Fire Control.

Station Manager Glyn O’Reilly, who was the Officer in Charge, praised the work of firefighters and said they did a fantastic job: “Everyone who worked on this incident has done a great job.

“They have managed to contain the fire and prevent a serious escalation.

Images emerged on Twitter showing the lettering of the trucks melting away due to the heat

“The initial crew were faced with a severe fire and worked hard to bring it under control. There have been firefighters here through the night who have continued to extinguish pockets of fire and damp down.

“We have worked closely with the police and local businesses during the night as we want to minimise the impact on the local community.

“This is a large industrial estate and we have been supporting business continuity as much as possible. As part of that we have reduced the outer cordons and road closures.

“This has helped us create safe areas to allow people to access buildings and vehicles without impacting on firefighting operations.”

Firefighters are expected to be at the scene throughout the day to ensure the fire is completely extinguished.

An investigation into the cause will get underway this morning.

The fire itself was reported to be so fierce that it meted the side of the fire engines. Images emerged on Twitter showing the lettering of the trucks peeling away.

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