Firefighters Quick Action Saves Derby Waste Transfer Station

02-01-13(5)picA waste transfer station that caught ablaze on New Year’s Day has been saved due to the quick actions of the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service.

A large fire broke out at Downing Road Waste Transfer Station in Derby in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

Dean Gazzard, station manager at Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters, said the main building at Downing Road Waste Transfer Station had been saved after crews isolated the flames.

No employees were in the building, which is run by Magfern Waste, and nobody was injured.

A fire investigation will take place, but Gazzard said that the fire appeared to have started in machinery.

“First attending fire crews managed to restrict the fire to the machinery it appeared to originate from,” he said.

“A rescue unit was brought in because it had equipment that allows us to break into buildings of this nature.

“There were about 20 firefighters tackling it at its height.”

Fire crews were still at the scene last night.


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