Fly-Tipping In England Falls By 44 Percent Over Six Years

18-10-13(3)picDefra has released its 2012/13 fly-tipping statistics for England, showing that incidents of fly-tipping have decreased by 44 percent over six years.

The statistics show that fly-tipping incidents in England have been decreasing over the six years that data has been available and are now 44 percent lower than in 2007/08.

Between 2011/12 and 2012/13 there has been a 4 percent decrease in fly-tipping incidents in England, with downward trends in all incident size categories. However, incidents on footpaths, bridleways and back alleyways increased by 10 percent, which now account for 20 percent of fly-tipping incidents.

The statistics show that local authorities dealt with over 711,000 incidents of fly-tipping in 2012/13.

Over two thirds of incidents involved household waste and nearly 45 percent of all fly-tips occurred on highways. Most fly-tips consisted of a small van-load of material or less.

The estimated cost of clearance of fly-tipping to Local Authorities in England in 2012/13 was £36.4m, nearly a three percent reduction over 2011/12.

Local authorities carried out over 425,000 enforcement actions in 2012/13, a 13 percent reduction over 2011/12. The estimated cost of enforcement was £15.2m, £2.5m less than the previous year.

There were over 2,200 prosecutions, 99 percent of which resulted in a conviction. The number of prosecutions is down 22 percent from 2,800 in 2011/12.

For the full report on the 201/13 fly-tipping stats CLICK HERE


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