Food Waste Bill Campaign Will Continue Despite Setback – McCarthy

Pile of composting natural wasteLabour MP for Bristol, Kerry McCarty, has confirmed March 4 has been set for the second reading of the Food Waste (Reduction) Bill with the message that she will continue to press Government. 

The Bill’s second reading was postponed on January 26 due to an overrunning first bill and two urgent questions.

In a statement she said: “It’s very disappointing my Food Waste (Reduction) Bill didn’t get an opportunity to be debated on 29 January, but the campaign will go on.

“Firstly, the Bill has its deferred Second Reading on 4th March. But this will only proceed to Committee if the Government do not object.

“I will also continue to press the Government to take forward its provisions. There will be an opportunity in a Lords debate on food waste to press the Government on issues such as increasing the amount of surplus food used for redistribution.

“I also hope that the Bill – and the tremendous public support for it – will mean that voluntary action due to be announced by the industry soon is more ambitious than it has been in the past. I do not think voluntary action alone is enough, but it all helps.”

Many have voiced their support of the bill, including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, whose recent TV series highlighted the issue of food waste.

He said: “The supermarkets need to step up and massively reduce the waste they cause in the food supply chain – and that’s exactly what The Food Waste (Reduction) Bill calls on them to do. They need to adhere to the principle that food that is fit to be eaten by people, should be eaten by people.

“It’s ridiculous that so much good food is going into anaerobic digestion, rather than being redistributed to people in need. We must ask the supermarkets first to be transparent about how much they are wasting, – from farm, to production, through to retail – and secondly to come up with coherent, credible plans for reducing that waste. I welcome this Bill, and hope MPs get behind it, so we can put to an end the scandal of food being wasted on a huge scale.”

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