Food Waste Reduction Bill Delayed Again

The proposed Food Waste (Reduction) Bill put forward by Kerry McCarthy MP (pictured) has once again had its second reading pushed back.

Following the discussion by MPs on the topics of immigration, European Parliament elections and football governance, the proposed Food Waste (Reduction) Bill is now expected to be heard for a second time on Friday 11 March.

This is the second time the Bill has been delayed after it was first was postponed on January 26 due to an overrunning first bill and two urgent questions.

The Bristol East MP introduced the bill to address food needlessly wasted through the food industry supply chains – from production through to retail. The aim is that it’s prevented or available to charities for redistribution to people living in food poverty.

It also aims to respond to the global challenge of feeding a growing population from an increasingly scarce agricultural base.

Many have voiced their support of the bill, including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, whose recent TV series highlighted the issue of food waste.

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