Fortnightly Collections Lead Leeds To A 42% Recycling Increase

Leeds-AWCAn alternate weekly bin collection service was introduced by Leeds City Council in April 2013 and, in the first few months of operation has led to a 42% increase in recycling, the Council has reported.

Rolled out to 56,000 homes in the area, it has seen an additional 561 tonnes of waste  recycled in the first 12 weeks of the more frequent green bin collections, with 23% less waste was sent to landfill. If the remainder of the roll out, which has featured a “no side waste policy” thus encouraging residents to make better use of their green recycling bin, is as successful as the first phase, the council reports that it will be on track to save £2.5m a year.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment said: “The results from this first phase of the new bin service are really encouraging. I’d like to thank residents and collection crews again for their hard work so far in making such a great start.
“To ensure a smooth transition to the new service for future phases we’ll be re-doing what worked well in phase one and making adjustments based on the lessons we’ve learned. We appreciate that this is a massive shift in how we deal with waste, but it’s a necessary one to ensure we can reap the financial and environmental benefits.”
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